Unfortunate news for Decatur as it's recently been discovered that the McDonald's located at 400 W Delaware St has closed indefinitely. Someone rolling through the drive-thru noticed a sign on the speaker informing residents of the closure and prompting them to visit nearby locations, left a lot of people wondering why they decided to close. The note read:

This McDonald's Restaurant is closing January 1, 2022. Please visit our nearby locations in Hartford, Cassopolis, Dowagiac, or Paw Paw. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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A Growing Trend?

This isn't the first of its stores to up and close out of nowhere. Most recently two months ago, the McDonald's on Riverview Dr. in Kalamazoo abruptly tore down all signage and started gutting the building out, only to have the windows boarded up and it now looking like a condemned building. There's been no news about a new fast food place residing in its place, nor a reason why the location shut down, but there can be many contributing factors.

Opportunities Elsewhere

Many of the managers of the closed restaurants are giving the current employees of these closed stores a chance to work elsewhere, as after the Riverview location closed in Kalamazoo, a few of the former employees were seen working on the 224 W Kalamazoo Ave location, and the store on Gull Rd. as well.

In late October, a McDonald's which had been open for nearly 40 years in Marine City, MI closed, which shocked the community and Marine City McDonald's franchise owner Markus Schulz:

Closing a restaurant is a difficult decision in any town and we want to thank the community of Marine City for its support for almost 40 years. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers at our Algonac and St. Clair locations nearby.

No formal explanation has been provided for neither the Kalamazoo or Decatur locations.

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