Every year when Christmas comes around I love the fact alcohol can be an accepted gift. But with Michigan being filled with some incredible beer and brewery options it's always a favorite gift of mine to receive. I put together a small list of 5 Michigan based beers that not only are delicious but will support some great local companies:

Mark Frankhouse/TSM

North Peak Dubious: I have tons of love for my local breweries but the Traverse City based North peak Brewery always has my favorite beers in stock. This Black Chocolate Stout tastes even better than it looks. I have always said, the colder the weather, the darker the beer. This one is my favorite winter beer.

Photo: Rochester Mills Brewery

Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout: This amazing beer from my hometown of Rochester was my first experience with trying stout beer. Until then, it all tasted like straight garbage. This beer, which totally changed my mind, is brewed with milk lactose and cocoa nibs has a symphony of flavor. I've even shared it with people who can't stand dark beer and they loved it.

Photo: Bells Brewery

Bell's Brewery Winter White Ale: This crisp, unique and flavorful beers is the right kind of kick I need on a cold winter night. This Belgian inspired Wheat Ale is one of those seasonal beers that tastes amazing all year long, again proving that Michigan is the beer capital of the U.S.

Photo: Short's Brewery

Short's Brewery The Double Magician: My love for Red Ales has steadily increased over the last few years.. This one especially caught my eye and taste buds and did not disappoint. It's a Double London-Style Red Ale that gives it a distinct taste than most other Red Ales I've tried. Do yourself a favor and pick some up for yourself while you're at it.

Photo: Arcadia Ales

Arcadia Ales Morning Cap: This one is a little off the beaten path for me but I was interested enough to take a chance on it. This Stout beer is brewed with the Michigan based Bigby Coffee. I've never thought Coffee and Beer go well together but Arcadia changed the game with this yummy concoction. Who said you can't have beer for breakfast?

Have fun sharing these beers with your loved ones. They will not be disappointed.