Metallica shared a clip of a 1991 concert in Muskegon, Michigan with the hashtag "BlackAlbum2021?" Does this mean the band is plotting a 30th anniversary tour?

Judge not lest ye be judged yourself…-Muskegon, Michigan 1991." That was the caption Metallica slapped on a :60 video added to their Facebook page on 3/19 with the hashtags #fbf and #Blackalbum2021? The fbf is easy enough to understand as "flashback Friday," but that question mark after "BlackAlbum2021" has people wondering if the band is planning a 30th anniversary tour.

The concert featured in this clip was at Muskegon's L.C. Walker Arena on November 1, 1991. Michigan Metallica fans who were there jumped in the comments to talk about what it was like seeing the band in their prime.

  • We were at this show. Classic...
  • I'll never forget that. Epic night
  • I was at that show..some jerks were throwing skittles at james because we were that close. I made sure that sh!t ended. Dont mess with metal musicians--- great show!
  • I was at that show. The girl I went with(friends sister) beat the daylights out of some guy that was hassling us. Years later it's the funniest thing I have ever seen at a concert.
  • I was in attendance that night. Didn’t have to smoke to get high off everyone else.
  • Back when big acts would come to small cities and venues. Oh and the tickets weren’t $400...
  • I was at this show. Awesome concert with my still favorite band.
  • I saw you guys in Ionia mi with danzing and suicidal tendencies it rained all night what a show you guys put on
  • I saw you in Swanzee new Hampshire and you were AWESOME!!!! James was right in front of me singing and I reached out and touched the bottom of his leg. One of the BEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
  • Man what it would have been like to see them in the 80s early 90s.....damn.

Other Metallica fans speculated on a new box set or hope for a tour.

  • 30 years this year. Surely a tribute tour.
  • Deluxe box set on the way! Please, please, please let’s have some live gigs for the celebration as well!
  • 30 year anniversary box set of the Black Album would be amazing.
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While we speculate about the possibility of this happening, or when concerts might resume at all, check out video of that entire concert form an epic night in Muskegon, Michigan that Metallica fans still haven't forgotten thirty years later.

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