Just when I thought the new Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel was going to step in and accelerate the process of getting recreational marijuana to a more available source, instead she and her office plan to "tweak" the existing law.  Frankly, I didn't know there were so many inconsistencies other than what our local law enforcement has passed along to us.  In terms of the process, I would have to agree that we better get the kinks out of the law as it stands before we take the steps to make it available on a normal consumer basis.  So what needs to be worked out?

mlive.com put together some of the A.G.'s concerns as they relate to citizen interaction with legal recreational marijuana.  One is smoking marijuana in a public place and which part of the law comes into play.  Another is where you can grow plants as they come into visible contact with the public.  The bottom line is, the law left many components very vague that need to be clarified.  Check out more of the issues by clicking HERE.

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