I don’t know what it is about Christmas in July or who even came up with it in the first place but I’ve always been the kind of person to stay as far away from Christmas in the summertime as possible. That being said it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the holidays and some of the fun things that come with it especially the local attractions we have that are in high demand.

This includes the polar express, which for the first time in two years is finally back and in less than a day, sold out all their tickets. The North Pole Express was clearly missed by the public because tickets went on sale for 2023 and within 2 days they are no longer available. Michigan was super bummed last year after they had to replace a wheel and some running gear on the Pere Marquette 1225.

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Event Details

The train will be making trips on November 18th, 19th 24th, 25th, and 26th and then picking back up on December 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 16th, finally ending on the 17th at 10 AM and 5 PM.


Tickets only went on sale yesterday and already are SOLD OUT. They started at $70 for coach seating and all riders will get a complimentary souvenir ticket a "Believe" bell, and admission into the village of Ashley’s Country Christmas event.

It’s about as close as you can get to the polar express movie without having to be on board with people with a bunch of soulless eyes. So if you ask me, it’s actually a little better.

Texas Woman's Creepy Take On The Christmas Story Leg Lamp

She's sold nearly two dozen so far and also makes lamps based on other characters, including a female Jack and Beetlejuice, Winifred Sanderson lamps, but Sally-inspired lamps are the most demanded. You can see her work here.

Friendly Prank In Kalamazoo Leads To A Fun Christmas Attraction For Families

When Sydney Jean got home from Thanksgiving vacation and discovered there was a TRAIN sitting in her front yard in the Winchell neighborhood on Benjamin st., she could have gotten mad. But as it turns out, she already knew who was responsible and called him right out on it. I reached out to her about the incident and she told me, to explain the prank she had to start at the beginning of her and her significant other started to date:


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