One of the worst things that can happen to you in life is finding yourself in a position where you have to go to the court and fight for your freedom. It’s never a good thing when we see people in a position where they are struggling, but it’s even worse when you are wrongfully convicted of a crime That you know you didn’t commit.

Sadly, this is something that happens all the time in the legal system and has resulted in many innocent people going to jail or prison for an extensive amount of time. But when evidence comes out that proves these inmates innocence, there is some kind of Compensation that needs to be paid out.

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Recently, a study by High-Rise Financial showed that Michigan and Ohio are the fifth and sixth states on the list they have paid the most compensation to exonerates, with Michigan paying just over $48 million and Ohio paying $50 1/2 million.


These Michigan numbers Are CRAZY

This survey was measured from 1989 until today, however, these numbers from Michigan are from only 2017. The cost per capita is roughly $4.77 for Michigan and $4.29 for Ohio per person. They go a little bit more detail on Michigan:

In fifth place, Michigan is one of the most recent states to implement a compensation statute, introducing the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act in 2017. Since then it has paid out to 67 exonerees a total of $48,066,779, and compared against its population of around 10 million, it results in a cost per citizen of $4.77.

Hopefully this is a number that can decrease in time, and less wrongfully convicted people go to prison.

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