It's like a map of Michigan in the heavens; see the formation that is clearly Michigan in a cloudy sky.

You don't even have to squint your eyes to see the resemblance between this cloud, spotted in the Georgia skies and the Michigan mitten. Instead of 5 Great Lakes of Michigan, Superior, Huron, Eerie and Ontario, it is the water vapor of cirrus, nimbus, cumulus and stratus clouds that prompted more than 70,000 shares of the US National Weather Service Detroit / Pontiac Michigan's Facebook post.

Sara Edwards may have been a little homesick or maybe just tuned in. The Michigan native couldn't believe her eyes when she looked to the skies over Georgia (where she lives now) and saw, essentially, a billboard in the sky. The hand of Michigan was formed in the billowing cloud bank reminding her there's no place like home.

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