Michigan takes great pride in being the Great Lakes State, but throughout the Great Lakes' history, it has claimed the lives of many people and is the permanent resting place of some very famous ships. Bad weather has gotten the best out of some of the greatest ships ever known, like the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, SS Emperor, and Lady Elgin.

Those are just a few of the ships that have wrecked in the Great Lakes, but there is still so much more to learn about them. Coming up at the end of April at the Battle Creek Regional History Museum there’s going to be a very special presentation by shipwreck Hunter, Ross Richardson. When it comes to Michigan shipwrecks, how many people went missing, and how many aircraft and ships went missing in the Michigan region as well?

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There have been some mysterious disappearances over the years, but these disappearances are from ships that have a lot of history to be told about them. The program is $5 and includes shipwreck stories, documentation, and updates on current searches for missing aircraft, as the event page details, Ross is the man to host this event:

Shipwreck hunter and author Ross Richardson has spent the last two decades exploring the bottom of the Great Lakes and discovering and documenting long-lost shipwrecks. His website, michiganmysteries.com, is dedicated to the stories of the missing ships, missing aircraft and missing persons of the Michigan Region. Richardson is on the board of directors at the Maritime Heritage Alliance in Traverse City.

You can get your tickets here.

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