If you can ride a bike, you can tear down a ski hill like like the Tasmanian Devil with a new Sno-Go Bike. Many Michigan ski slopes are being populated by the trendy new means of careening down a ski hill. The popularity of the activity is increasing across the state as more and more outdoor enthusiasts catch onto the bikes and the thrill they provide.

The Sno-go Bike rides like a bike but must be maneuvered like skis, making it an awesome ski experience. There no pedals just 3 skis and you're basically zipping down the hill using natural gravity combined with ski techniques and instead of poles, you use the handlebars connected to a front ski.

Some northern ski resorts are already renting and giving lessons to those interested. Boyne Mountain for instance will train and rent you the Sno-Go Bike and even show you how to get on and off a lift with them. The bikes are fun to do in pairs or groups or even on your own.

If you're thinking about trying a Sno-Go Bike here's a few things to know:

*To stop the bike is much like you would skiing. Lean on the bars and push down with your outside foot.

*Lean don't steer to turn the bike.

*With a little speed, you can use your upper body to carve some mean parallel turns.

*The bikes go for around $1600.

*The bikes come with a chairlift hook for easy on and off the lifts.

*Here's a demonstration video to check out how it operates and functions.


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