David Zemens, of Rockford, and Sabato Caputo of Lansing saw where Snowboarding Magazine reported on a fellow snowboarder who had snowboarded on hills in 12 ski areas in 24 hours. After reading that they scoffed derisively and planned to do more (for the record, I don't know if they actually scoffed derisively  - but I would've)

According to Fox17online.com, last Friday, they started in Boyne Highlands and started snowboarding across the state. In 24 hours, they traveled 430 miles and hit 16 ski areas. And THAT is the unofficial North American record. Next year, they think they can break the world record by hitting 18 ski areas in 24 hours.

Congratulations, from a guy who can barely snow-plow down bunny slopes on skis. Maybe I should try snowboarding. Probably not.


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