A new study is showing that Michigan has one of the worst rates when it comes to solving murder cases in the country. In fact, we have the second-worst rating behind Illinois which only solve about 35% of their murder cases, making them the worst state for that stat in the country.

But why are these numbers more slanted in our area? Is there more crime per capita, making it harder to catch the criminal behind all these cases? I think there's also something to be said about the fact that Wyoming, North Dakota, & Nebraska are the 3 best states at solving murders, considering how substantially smaller their populations are compared to states like Michigan and Illinois.

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If you're dealing with fewer cases and solve one, that percentage is naturally going to go up higher with each case solved. For instance, if Michigan had 4x more people but had the same number of crimes solved as Wyoming, their solving rate would be higher.

There are those out there though who think a city or a detective that has a clearance rate way higher than the national average for cities its size is actually a red flag for corruption:

This police dept I know was constantly bragging about a homicide detective with over 90-percent clearance rate in a fairly violent small city. I thought how stupid to be bragging about this instead of investigating it. Sure enough, some years later he was arrested and his cases were thrown out for being bogus arrests of innocent people. They were trying to sell him as some kind of genius detective. They really think the public is stupid

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