Waze can tell you where the speed traps are. Now Michigan State Police plan to test the app to alert drivers as they approach an incident scene.

So many drivers have their noses in their phones, it only seems to make sense. With the proliferation of navigation apps on devices and digital dashboards, Michigan State Police plan to take advantage of drivers' attention and alert them of first responders in the area. Five patrol vehicles have been outfitted with a small piece of equipment called a HAAS Alert that transmits a digital alert when a patrol vehicle’s lights and siren are activated, triggering an alert to nearby Waze users with as much as 30 seconds notice. Developers refer to this new technology as a digital siren.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase officer safety. This is an excellent example of how the Michigan State Police is contributing to the future of technology and helping to keep our members safe and make Michigan’s roads safer.

-Lt. Col. Richard Arnold, commander of the MSP Field Operations Bureau

Last year, 44 MSP patrol vehicles, fully marked and with emergency equipment activated, were struck by motorists.

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