This will NOT go on your permanent record. If you loved to play cop & robbers as a kid, you will want to join this Michigan State Police training exercise.

New recruits on the job with the Michigan State Police get all kinds of training, as they have to be prepared for anything. This year, for the first time, everyday law-abiding citizens like you and me get to be a part of the exercises. Imagine it: you could be the bad guy and break the law right in front of peace officers and get off the hook instantly.

Captain James Grady, commander of the MSP Training Division says, “we want to offer our recruits as realistic and diverse training experiences as possible, and we see this opportunity as a win-win given that the civilian participants will gain a better understanding of how our troopers are trained to conduct traffic stops, which is the most common interaction civilians have with police officers.”

The exercises will take place at Fort Custer Recreation Area in January. I can imagine a foot chase scenario through the woods, perhaps a water getaway on Eagle Lake, or maybe someone breaking the law riding an e-bike on the hiking trails? You know, they used to hang people for stealing horses... With three lakes and more than 25 miles of trails meandering over 3,033 acres, there are a lot of possibilities to live out your childhood fantasies. Here is the link to apply.

This is an excellent opportunity for residents to see how recruits are learning and practicing the skills they’ll ultimately use on the job. This training opportunity will provide valuable insight to both the recruits and civilian participants.

-Col. Joe Gasper, Director of the Michigan State Police

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