For avid moviegoers in the mid-90s, you could forget the film Twister, starring Helen Hunt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cary Elwes, and Bill Paxton. The movie is pretty self-explanatory as it follows a bunch of people who are chasing tornadoes to learn more about how they work.

Unfortunately, the trailer for the new Twister sequel movie called Twisters, looks like a movie that should go straight to your local gas station's three-dollar DVD bin. The teaser trailers that have aired do not paint the movie in a very impressive light and I highly doubt it will have the same kind of Staying Power that the first film had. That being said, it brings up a topic that may be a little touchy for some.

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But I almost question that in the name of good taste, some cities maybe shouldn’t hold screenings of the film. Not because it looks bad, but because Michigan has had some terrible tornadoes that have sadly caused many fatalities. I guess a point could be made about whether or not it was in bad taste for cities like Flint, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo to show a screening of the original Twister movie.

I just think maybe for some people it might be a little too soon, and I get it, "if you're gonna be bothered by it just don't go see it." But maybe read the room a little, ya know?

It’s mainly because of these fatalities I feel like people may not want to remember what it’s like being hit by a tornado. Here are some of the worst cases of tornadoes in Michigan’s history as the Lansing State Journal documents on their map:

These Are The 10 Deadliest Tornadoes In Michigan's History

Here are some of the worst cases of tornadoes in Michigan’s history as the Lansing State Journal documents on their map

Tornadoes in Michigan, Early 1900s

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