One of the most iconic buildings in Michigan to grab an ice cream cone during the hot summer months is in fear of closing down, and the community has come together to raise money to keep it alive. The iconic landmark is in Mt. Clemens and goes by the name of Miller Brothers Creamery, which first opened in 1937.

However the impact of COVID-19, road, construction, and apparently, dishonest contractors has led to a list of problems for the current owners. The landmark was once in fear of being torn down until the 93-year-old Irene, who had spent 63 years working in the store, approached a husband and wife, with an offer to buy the creamery, as the GoFundMe details:

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Help Save The Iconic Creamery In Mt. Clemens

She approached Glenn and Tiffany who had become like grandchildren to her. Tiffany resisted. They had a successful business and four kids to take care of. Irene whom they now called “Oma” made an impact. They sold their transportation company that bussed kids to many of the private schools here in Macomb County and took a leap of faith. Glenn had a vision for the business to start selling food to help the business increase sales and to help survive the slow winter months. To start selling food though, they would have to renovate a building built in 1937 and bring the building up to current health department codes which has been a long and costly endeavor.

The fundraiser has already raised $13,000 after the goal was originally set for $10,000. The iconic creamery rests smack dab in the middle of long, ongoing construction in the area.

Abandoned Ice Cream Shop, Upper Peninsula

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