Rarely does a police department's Facebook page ping on my radar, but a recent post from the City of Marshall Police Department definitely fits that bill. Earlier this morning, they posted, "If you are missing a chicken, it is at the middle school. Please go pick it up."

Of course my imagination instantly starts running wild. One lone, lost chicken. Was it found at the middle school, or did someone bring the chicken to the middle school as a sort of neutral meeting place? Does this happen often in Marshall? Of course Marshall residents are having a good time with this post, some of whom commented "Who knew this is how I needed to start my day?!" and "If this is the biggest issue our town has all day, it’ll be a good one."

Now everyone in Southwest Michigan will be glued to this story like it's the Aves version of Little Jessica McClure. We will not rest until this bird is home, safe and sound, with owners who are probably worried sick... I've got a sad montage running through my head of the owners posting flyers around town of their lost chicken, neighbors just shaking their heads sadly, indicating they have no leads. There's a ruffling feathers joke in here somewhere...

I know that 2020 has been an interesting year for a lot of people, but I'll take a "fun" interesting over "uncertain" interesting any day.

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