With the rising price of cars and gasoline, many people may be contemplating how to get around without a car. But, is it even possible to shift your life in a way where you wouldn't need to use your car? One local collective things so.

ModeShift Kalamazoo is a newer community collective that, according to their Facebook page,

exists to make walking and biking in our neighborhoods a safe and easy transportation choice for everyday activities.

They're also hoping to work towards a mobility system that works for all people.

How Are They Working Towards That System?

The answer is pretty simple: posting about it on social media.

They're sharing local bike-centered businesses:

Sharing bike listings for those who might be looking to buy a new/used bike: 

Along with participating in the #30DaysofBiking challenge where they're traveling around the Kalamazoo area only using their bike: 

After all, in order to get locals passionate or interested in changing the way they use transportation, you have to make sure they're aware of it first.

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With the rising concern about climate change, the rising prices of, well, everything, having the option to bike to a destination instead of having to drive would certainly be ideal. As well, there are several benefits like:

  • It's cheaper. ModeShift Kalamazoo recently shared a statistic that owning a car in Michigan costs about $9666 a year. Assuming that includes gas prices and car maintenance, biking would obviously cost much less.
  • Parking is easier. No more endless circling of the downtown area hoping to snag that perfect spot
  • It's healthier. This one is pretty apparent, I know. But, think of it this way...if you're biking to and from work that's less pressure to have to go to the gym after work, right?

See even more benefits here.

How Do We Make Cities and Towns More Bike-Friendly?

Even with people wanting to bike more, the question remains: how do we make our cities more bike-friendly?

As with anything, it takes time and advocating from locals. Landscaping and infrastructure have to either be redone or designed to be friendly for both walkers and bikers. And, of course, change does not come easy. Qz.com has some tips for how to change your local landscape and encourage your local government to focus on more bike/walk-friendly infrastructure.

Locally, there are a few upcoming events where you can connect with other bike enthusiasts. There's the Re:Cycle - A Sustainable Transportation Exposition coming up on May 7th at Bronson Park. This free event will include information on electric and cargo bikes, a Q&A, test rides, and more. Find more information here.

For all other bike-related news and events, follow ModeShift Kalamazoo on Facebook or Twitter.

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