We know the topic of global warming, and climate shift is a bit controversial for some people. The fact is we know that over long periods the climate on this planet has changed many many times. But the topic of global warming has been one of the biggest debates, and most discussed topic since the release of Al Gore's environmental film, "An Inconvenient Truth."

But you can’t deny that whatever is happening right now in Michigan is not normal. When I was a kid at this time of the year, I would have snow up to my knees and sometimes waste. Now we are lucky if we can’t even get below freezing at the end of February.

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I mean, think about it, we just had a hail thunderstorm a possible tornado followed immediately the next morning by snow flurries. That doesn’t seem like all is well to me. Do you think this is the most chaotic Michigan winter we have ever had?

I would argue that something bigger is going on and these are the short-term effects that we have to deal with until a major change takes place. Michigan’s weather is already on trustworthy enough, but with climate change, literally screaming in our faces, it isn’t making it any better.

What Can We Do To Help Climate Change?

Well, I would suggest personally we be as green as we can. Every little bit can help when it comes to protecting our planet. Try and recycle, turn off lights, take more walks instead of car rides for short trips out, don't litter, and for the sake of all things holy, don't let Al Gore make any more films.

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