Recently the KDPS released a statement regarding a video that has been going viral on social media regarding a mother who was kicked out of Bronson Hospital for what they said was irate behavior. However, the video which is now public seems to show a completely different story.

Although the claim from the KDPS that she pushed through closed-off entrances in an attempt to see her son was not captured, the tone recorded by her appears to be that of a concerned mother who was woken up out of her sleep and informed that her son had been shot:

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According to one person on their timeline, they're claiming the way hospital security handled the situation was illegal and race could have played into it:

First off that’s illegal what they did, you clearly did nothing wrong and you were not aggressive. You have every right to ask what you were being put out of the hospital for, you didn’t call anyone a name, you didn’t attack anyone or scream I would go to the news media and release the video to them and speak on the news, then they weren’t allowing you to know if your son was in the hospital that’s illegal !!! Don’t let them silence you if it was a woman named Sally would they have treated her like that most likely not it seems like some racism stuff going on as well !!! I am so sorry you went through this.

There were even people on the KDPS's Facebook post who took sympathy for the mother as well:

The lack of humanity from bronson & police force in this situation is sad! This is a very traumatic event for any parent. Its about the worst news one could receive. Given said situation... I feel she was very calm for quite some time. She held her composer better then most would.

Conflicting Stories

The KDPS stated that she was informed that her son had been shot and they were working on allowing her to see him after going into protocol lock-down, however, the male Bronson security/staff member seen in the video stated multiple times to her in the video below that her son was not at the hospital.

The mother was later arrested on charges of Resisting & Obstructing and Trespassing.


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