On Saturday night, an almost unprecedented event took place at the Allegan County Fair, as many know, and heard the announcement late at night that rapper Nelly was a no-show for the event. Event staff made the unfortunate announcement on stage that he was stuck in an airplane on a runway, it would not be making the show. Watching them announce that, I felt so awful for the event coordinators who work hard to put on an awesome festival every year.

Since then people have been ranting and raving online about how to get refunds and expressing their anger, while others have been creating rumors saying that Nelly has been spotted at different Dispensaries and businesses in the Allegan area. Those allegations and rumors have not been backed by photographic evidence so we really have to take them for face value.

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At the end of the day, everyone will be getting refunds who purchase tickets properly, and it’s a real shame, that the most anticipated act of the fair was a no-show. With that in mind, I came up with a bunch of artists we would love to see no-shows at next year's Allegan County Fair.

Not because I actually want to see them and be let down, but because I legit don’t want to see them.

10 Artists We'd Love To See No-Show For The 2024 Allegan County Fair

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