There are a lot of awesome local businesses in Kalamazoo, but no matter how many you have you'll always have people who are in search of something new. We've been lucky enough to get a lot of cool businesses to come to the Kalamazoo area in 2022, but what are some other businesses you'd like to see come through the area? This is a question we asked our audience and they gave some pretty tasty replies.

I'm not surprised that most of the comments were places that serve food, while there were a few businesses that actually provided a non-food service. But there are a few people that thought of businesses they DON'T want to come to the area, perhaps because of the over-abundance of them:

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Anything besides another liquor store or weed shop.
Or church
Or Dollar General
Or bank or credit union!

Like them or not, all of those things will no doubt find their way into the area, but I personally feel like there are some places we're missing out on. I would really love to see an indoor putt-putt place open, as well as a go-kart track. Another really cool idea I've seen in the state in other major markets is the indoor baseball game.

The idea is pretty much like Top Golf but with baseball and you pretty much play home run derby. It looks like a lot of fun and I still have yet to do it. But if we're gonna get any new places in town, here's what the people want to see:

Businesses People Want Near Kalamazoo NOW

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