The Detroit Red Wings have many legendary players in their history. One of those Hall of Fame players is set to have his story told in a new Canadian film. 

According to Sportsnet Canada,   Detroit Red Wings Hall of Fame Goaltender Terry Sawchuk will be the subject of a new film called, "Goalie".

Being a big hockey fan I am always looking for films on the sport.    One of the greatest is "Slap Shot".  I am also a fan of the movies, "Goon" and  "Goon: Last Of The Enforcers".

This new movie is set to be a biopic.   I'll admit that being a big Red Wings fan I am not familiar with the life of the late goaltender.   He played most of his career in the 1950's and 1960's.

I know he was one of the best to ever be in net in the NHL as he was named as one of the NHL's greatest players a couple years ago.

Besides the Wings, he also played in Toronto, Boston, L.A. and New York.

This film hopefully will be a great way to learn about one of the best to ever play in Detroit.   It will also be interesting to see that time period in the NHL portrayed on screen.

The film stars Mark O'Brien and Kevin Pollak.   It is set to open in March in Toronto and Vancouver before opening in other cities.   No word if it will ever be screened anywhere in the U.S.   Hopefully we will get a chance to see this film in the future.






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