A vacant little building on Gull Road in Kalamazoo has sure been many things over the years. It started its life as a Mobil gas station, a convenient stop for many years for commuters heading east on their way to I-94. A few years ago, the underground gas tanks were filled in, pumps were shut down, and the building became a local mechanic's shop, sometimes selling repaired vehicles from their lot. Now, it seems this lot is getting one more facelift.

Those who call the Sprinkle Road side of Kalamazoo home will soon see a Kalsee Credit Union under construction right across from the Pet Supplies Plus. This Gull Road location, close to the Gull Road/Sprinkle Road Menards, will be the seventh such Kalsee Credit Union location, adding to their ever expanding fleet found on Mosel, Millcork, Portage Road, Westnedge Avenue, Drake, and Dickman Road (in Springfield).

It seems quite fitting that Kalsee Credit Union would choose this ever-changing spot, as it, too, has gone through its fair share of metamorphoses over several decades. Established in 1954 as Lift Line Credit Union, as it began to cater solely to the employees of National Water Lift in Kalamazoo, Kalsee Credit Union expanded their membership to include several companies on the south east side of Kalamazoo in 1977, and changed their name to reflect the acquisitions, thus Kalsee; Kalamazoo South East Employees.

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