I often see people posting on Reddit and other feeds that they're new to the city, planning to move here for work or school, and want to get a small taste of what Kalamazoo is like. Aside from Kalamazoo being the unofficial beer capital of the U.S., the city has such a deep history and a ton of unique aspects that separate it from every other major city in West Michigan. What is it about Kalamazoo that you find most intriguing?

Personally, the local music scene is probably one of the major attractions, and with no shortage of fun venues to catch bands at within the downtown area. Music has always played a big part at defining Kalamazoo and has had a major presence within the music industry since its beginnings. But it doesn't just start and end with music, there's the most recent addition of the Covid-19 Vaccine, which brought the eyes of the world to Kalamazoo as well.

But if you are new, moving, or even from Kalamazoo, let's take a look at some of the history, fun, entertainment, and happenings of our city, from A to Z:

Getting To Know Kalamazoo A-Z

Whether you're moving, new or from Kalamazoo, here is a nutshell of our city, from A to Z.

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