A recent Facebook post pointed out a pet store selling something they deemed to be...slightly concerning.

The post, made by Jeffrey D. in the Facebook group Abandoned Old and Interesting Places in Michigan, shows the storefront of Detroit K-9 Pet Supplies. The store's awning gives a glimpse into what they offer:

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

The caption on Jeffrey's post simply said,

Body parts?

Naturally, this led to an assortment of comments like:

Welcome to the D. - Amy L. 

Yes! It makes me laugh every time I drive by it! - Alyssa H. 

So do you have to buy the whole dog or can I just get it a few pieces at a time? - Sean J. 

Laugh every time I pass it I like how they just slide it in there like nbd - Marty N. 


Thinking positive thoughts... like things in the rawhide category. Antlers, pig ears, lamb and beef bones... - Julie D. 

Most comments bordered on humor with plenty of sarcasm thrown in. But, Julie's comment was, of course, closest to the truth.

Yes, Detroit K-9 Pet Supplies sells body parts. But, they're treats for your dog. Plus, they offer an assortment of other pet needs.

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Their stores, of which there are six in the Detroit area, sell cat and dog beds, food, toys, and treats like pig ears and Buffalo trachea tubes, as advertised on their website. It's probably safe to assume that those are the "body parts" they're referring to.

A weird way to phrase it? Perhaps. Something to worry about? Definitely not.

See everything Detroit K-9 Pet Supplies has to offer here.

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