Good to see Covid-19 can't kill all traditions.

Take the seniors of North Farmington High School and their annual tradition of dressing up as famous TV and Movie characters when creating their student ID's. Characters aren't necessarily relegated to TV and Movies either as any character fiction or nonfiction that happen to be trending are fair game including gaming characters and even hilarious memes.

Even though the students weren't physically allowed to attend most of the school year, its still cool they kept their sense of humor and most of all, kept a really creative tradition alive.  Hit #NFID21 on twitter to see most of the creative work the students have done with the student ID's. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and we all could use that right now right?

There are tons of really good ones (too numerous to show all of them) but here are a few of our favorites:

Shout out to Flavortown!

Hell no to Joe

Look what I picked up at Kwik-e-mart

Finger Lickin' Good

No sweat with Big Gretch

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