It is beginning to look like Detroit Pistons star, Andre Drummond will be traded.  Where will he end up?  Oddsmakers have ideas where he may go next month. 

The M-Live story has odds from Bet Online on the teams that are likely to be involved in a trade with the Pistons for Drummond.

The current favorite to land Drummond is the Atlanta Hawks at 2/3.   Boston and Toronto are tied for second at 5/1.

Hornets and Clippers are 7/1, Mavericks 8/1 and rounding out the list is the Knicks at 12/1.

Bet Online also lists the odds of him actually being traded at  2/5 he is traded and 17/10 he won't be moved.

Andre Drummond can opt out of his current deal and become a free agent and instead of letting him walk, the Pistons can move him.  I think it depends on where the team is in the next few weeks.   If they get hot and make a run, I don't think he is moved.

We'll see if he is moved by the trade deadline which is on February 6th.  Do you think he will stay or is he done in Detroit?

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