Being that it is Halloween time, it may be the right time to go ahead and revisit the classic horror movie Poltergeist. If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s about a family who moved into a new home and realizes eventually that the home sits on top of a burial ground that was once a cemetery except they didn’t exhume the bodies before the house was built.

I bring this up because if there are any potential buyers in Ohio that are looking for some land you may want to investigate a recent listing that was made on Zillow regarding a plot of land that people are dying to get into… Literally.

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A post came up on a recent group that showed that a cemetery was for sale. After some time, the one image provided was different but when you zoom in on the listing, you can still clearly see that there are headstones on the land is it possible that you could potentially own a future real-life, poltergeist-type plot?

Apparently, your future dream awaits you in this totally not cursed area that’s for sale. I've done all the searching on Google that I can and literally, the only open plot is this cemetary.

It hasn't officially been named, but if the pinpoint is correct, the plot for sale is the Maple Ridge Cemetary. Do they want a poltergeist? Because this is exactly how you make a poltergeist.

Build your dream home on this spacious, wooded lot. Utilities at the street. Great location backs up to Rosewood Estates.

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