Michigan has its share of Ghost Towns. We’ve written about many of them, and each has their own unique – and sometimes creepy – backstories. But Michigan isn’t the ONLY state with abandoned, empty, ghostly towns. 

Ohio has some very strange ghost towns, many of which were founded because of coal mining. Now, they lay dormant, and potentially full of the spirits that remained once the structures were long abandoned. 

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Coal mining was, and is, a huge part of Ohio’s history. Unfortunately over the years, the mines and railways that connected the different mines and towns have closed. What ends up happening is these towns end up dying, and all that remains is their empty buildings, and stories of ghosts and hauntings. 

These Seven Ghost Towns in Ohio have proved to be some of the most infamous and could potentially hold some of the most isolated spirits in the state. 

7 Ghost Towns of Ohio

Gallery Credit: Google Maps

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