I think if I had it my way the Halloween season would be extended at least another half of a month, at the minimum. I’m sure a lot of Michiganders would agree with me as it is quickly becoming the top holiday in a lot of people's minds. It just gives you the ability to let loose a little bit and enjoy the spooky season and have a little fun.

But the people in a Piqua, Ohio neighborhood apparently don’t enjoy that kind of fun in the middle of June, as one woman has had a hard time letting her Halloween decorations go. Mary Simmons has a 10-foot werewolf statue named Phil the Werewolf which she decorates depending on what time of the season. It is currently we are coming up on the Fourth of July so he is covered in American flags.

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Here To Stay

Originally neighbors were complaining that she had to take it down but now it appears that the city is allowing Phil the werewolf to stay up as long as he doesn’t pose a safety hazard. Mary says an added benefit is that it keeps people from potentially breaking into her home:

I kinda look at it as a security thing, who wants to break into a house with a 9-and-a-half-foot werewolf sitting outside it? I mean, I know I wouldn't.

Mary says she plans on dressing him up in Hawaiian clothing after the 4th of July to bring in the summer, which the city says as long as Phil doesn't pose a safety hazard, is more than welcome.

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