Somebody needs to come get their creepy ass grandpa from Ford Field because we have a mega creeper on our hands. A video recently surfaced from the preseason home opener of the Detroit Lions football game at Ford Field, which appears to show an old man zooming in on the camera feature on his phone taking pictures of a Detroit Lions cheerleaders ass.

The video is about 20 seconds long and shows him trying to zoom in and get the perfect shot of the cheerleaders but. What really blew me away is that if you go into the comment section of the video, it seems like this creepy old guy has the support of literally everybody who has seen the video.

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Personally, I don’t think there’s any need to do anything like this, while some people feel this is perfectly justified:

SECRETLY FILMED doesn’t happen when you’re in front of thousands of people with a short mini skirt on . He didn’t sneak a camera into her dressing room. He and SHE are at a public event and SHE CHOSE to wear that costume/outfit as her work uniform when SHE took the job.


Apparently being old and creepy merits him to be hailed as a hero and a legend for literally being a pervert.

If you have to go to a Lions preseason football game to take pictures of cheerleaders, but something tells me you haven’t really discovered the Internet yet. There are plenty of willing people who have pictures of their behind online for you to creep over.

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