Plainwell, Michigan residents have been wondering the fate of the space that housed local pub Rhino's after owner Phil Anglin announced the bar's sudden closure in early 2022.

In January of this year the Rhino's Facebook page shared the disappointing news with Phil saying,

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All good things must come to an end... I will fondly remember the incredible relationships that were fostered inside our little pub. Love, marriages (and yes, even children) all began with an innocent trip to Rhino’s!

As to the future of the restaurant, Phil simply stated a woman named "Jen" was taking over the space and planned to rebrand the hometown pub. The Rhino's Facebook page never confirmed who Jen was, but word around Plainwell was Jen DeYoung of Joe's Pizza & Sports Bar, located right around the corner in downtown Plainwell.

The official Facebook page of the new pub indeed confirms that Jen "Jenny" DeYoung is the owner/operator of the establishment and even gives some insight to the new name as well.

Hometown Pub, bar & restaurant that pays homage to the past Mayor of Plainwell, who was a close friend to the owner/operator

Jenny & the Mayor

Former Plainwell Mayor Rick Brooks sadly passed away in July 2019 and was a very important figure in Jenny's life. She originally stated she had no intentions of renaming the restaurant when she first purchased it, but she kept wishing her friend was there with her throughout her new endeavor.

To honor Rick, Jenny decided to not only name the establishment in honor of him, but also chose to use Rick's likeness as the restaurant's logo! An outstanding homage to an upstanding guy.

And don't worry, it looks like Jenny kept Rhino's birthday marquee on the restaurant's exterior too!

The Menu

Plainwell diners can expect to find pub fare like classic stuffed burgers and smashburgers on the menu at Mayor's Joint. You'll even find a few items from the former Rhino's menu! Find the restaurant's hours here.

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