Lake Forest Cemetery in Grand Haven, established in 1872, is undoubtedly one of the most haunted graveyards in Michigan.

It seems that there are several people who have experienced a "phantom gateway" that leads into the graveyard grounds. They claim they use it once and it can never be found again.

Back in 1979, a dad and his two sons were bicycling through the cemetery. After pedaling through the cemetery roads, they decided to continue their trip elsewhere. The dad wasn't sure where the exit was and continued to search; he decided to follow along the boundary fence that he thought would surely lead to an exit. Eventually, they came to an unknown exit on Lake Avenue that they wound up exiting through. For the next few days, this really was getting under his skin.

"Where the heck WAS that entrance we used?"

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Days later, he went back with one of his sons, looking for that mysterious entrance/exit. According to the man, “I didn’t find the same entrance which we had exited on our bike trip, we didn’t find it. I went back myself several times searching every possible road, both within the cemetery and from without. There was no such entrance, or road, as we had used leaving the cemetery.” He says the nearest exit he could find was about a mile from where he and his sons exited before. When he regaled his tale to buddies, they admitted that they, too, had similar experiences of passing through a "phantom gateway" that they could never find again, no matter how many times they went back to search.

And that ain’t all…

There is the legend of “The Blue Man” that has been around for many years. "The Blue Man" is said to be the ghost of Reverend William M. Ferry, one of the town's founding fathers. He sits upon his tombstone and other nearby grave markers, watching over the cemetery in the form of a blue light.

Then there is the infamous “Stairway To Hell”, an impressive staircase within the graveyard grounds that leads to….. well, you can read all about THAT particular case of paranormal activity by CLICKING HERE.

Paranormal investigators claim there are ghosts a-plenty on hand throughout the entire cemetery..... actual apparitions and sometimes glowing lights have been seen emanating out of cracks in some of the tombstones. Unusual cold spots have been experienced in another part of the graveyard that has been credited to paranormal activity.

Lake Forest Cemetery is located at 1304 Lake Avenue, Grand Haven.

Remember, if you wanna visit this (or any) cemetery after hours, always get permission to enter and protect yourself from prosecution. Investigators who did not get permission have been apprehended in the past. When you go ghost-hunting treat cemeteries and all places with the respect they deserve; don't vandalize or litter…..the spirits are watching, and you could somehow pay the consequences when you least expect it.

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