Battle Creek is home to many influential people throughout history, one of which may be the most famous out of all of them in Sojourner Truth. The woman who was able to escape slavery, and would go on to go to court to save her son, and after the Civil War helped African-Americans Transition from slavery into free citizens of the United States of America.

Throughout Battle Creek, she is immortalized and remembered, but there are more women than just truth who have made an impact in Battle Creek. As part of Women's History Month, the Battle Creek Regional History Museum is holding a program to celebrate women’s history by honoring phenomenal women from the Battle Creek area. Tickets are $10, as the event page details:

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Phenomenal Woman takes its title from a poem by Maya Angelou, and in this event, we will celebrate the lives of seven amazing women from Calhoun County! Reserve your seat today at the link here! All proceeds go to support the Battle Creek Regional History Museum.

Phenomenal Women From Battle Creek Who Will Be Celebrated


This year's celebration will feature the lives of Mary Butler, Evelyn Golden, Vera Whiteman, Mattye Vest, Lorena Hickock, Marjorie Merriweather Post and Helen Montgomery! The cast will feature Donna Rickman, Toni McPeake Ardis and Lora Vasquez.

These women were trailblazers of their time and made a large impact in the community, and if you've never heard of them before, the event serves as a good chance to learn more about those who shaped the landscape of Battle Creek for future generations.

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