Everybody knows that Wisconsin is the cheese capital of the United States. Anyone who's ever crossed over from Illinois into Wisconsin comes right to the front gates of the infamous Cheese Castle, which is a King's treasure trove of cheeses, meats, and more.

But there is also a Cheese Capital of Michigan, which has been given to the city of Pinconning. But why was Pinconning named the Cheese Capital of Michigan? Well because in 1915 Pinconning native and cheese-maker Dan Horn was apparently making a batch of Colby, but he made a mistake, and the mistake was a delicious alternative he called Pinconning.

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That's right, it's a cheese you may have never heard of, but it's truly Michigan-made and named after one of our own cities, as the Wiki page elaborates on the flavor:

Pinconning cheese is an aged semi-hard whole cow's milk, Colby-style cheese named after Pinconning, Michigan. It is made and distributed by a number of different companies including Pinconning Cheese Company and Wilson's (Horn) Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning, Michigan, and Williams Cheese in nearby Linwood, Michigan. It is available as cheese curds and in mild or aged many years, to sharpness levels of medium mild, medium sharp, sharp, extra sharp, and super sharp (10 plus years old).


What's The Difference Between Pinconning and Colby Cheese?

The difference is Pinconning Cheese was originally aged in a cold cellar like cheddar, instead of refrigeration like Colby, so the older the cheese gets the sharper it gets and it has a creamy flavor.

Somehow I've gone my entire life without ever trying Pinconning cheese, and this is coming from someone whose favorite cheese is Colby, so this is clearly a cheese I have to try.

If anyone knows the best place to get some, please let me know.

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