Update from OP: I have taken the urn to the funeral home and the tag indicates the cremation took place in Rockford, MI. There is no name, only the business name, and location.

This story is detailing claims coming from a public post on Facebook

Get ready for the weirdest story you'll hear all week, and we haven't even made it to Wednesday. There is a Kalamazoo man who allegedly took his car to an auto repair shop in Portage, and months after he delivered it, the vehicle was returned, only to find an urn with ashes in it was left in the back of the car. Yes...some kind of remains of someone or something he doesn't know is now in his possession.

The auto repair shop he alleges he brought the car to was Elite Auto on Shaver Road in Portage. He alleges after many months of zero contact from the auto repair shop regarding his vehicle, he was finally given his car back, and he explains just how things apparently got strange after that...

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I took the vehicle to my grandparents house where it will sit until the weather is nicer and upon inspecting the vehicle I notice something absolutely gut wrenching. THERE IS AN URN WITH SOMEBODY’S ASHES. I am a completely perplexed on the entire situation and have no idea what the next step is. If anybody has some insight on what to do, it would be much appreciated!!

Yep, so now this kid apparently has mysterious remains sitting in the back of his car. Many people suggested he take it to the police so the proper people can contact funeral homes in the area to see if anyone can identify the remains.

Some people are claiming some auto shops will actually drive cars around that they're supposed to be repairing and that somebody must have slipped up, however, the owner of the shop has his own side of the story:

Now let’s here the other side of the story you bought the car and it had suspension problems we looked at the car and ordered parts that were on back order threw the dealer you said that’s ok I don’t drive the car in the winter months so you stop in and I tell you the parts or still on BO you said I’m going to take it to the dealer they said they have the parts in stock you take the car to the dealer and they tell you you need 7-8 k with of suspension work and they did not have the parts you needed because it’s on Back Order like I been telling you for 3 months I get the car back and find a dealer in Texas that had the part we fix your suspension problems get your warranty company to pay for 2 k worth of work for you that cost you 100 dollars not 7-8 k after all the work was done the car was test driven and we never looked in your back seat on a test drive don’t you think something would have tipped over plus I have the RO with the mileage in and out

I have no clue where this is going or what happened, but this was how I needed to start my morning. Again, these claims come from the owner of the vehicle so it'll be interesting to see what the outcome will be to this.

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