Portage Firefighters got a call that was sure to make them some serious heroes. After all, when someone gets the call they need to be rescued after having their head stuck somewhere, that's a scary situation to be in. So Portage's finest rushed to the scene only to discover they must have heard wrong.

The call wasn't that someone's head was stuck...it was someone's hedgehog stuck. That's according to their post, after making the triumphant rescue:
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Crews from our Station 1 were dispatched to what crews heard as a "head stuck"..... well the crew arrived at a "hedgehog stuck" The prickly, pokey, pet became trapped in some landscaping stone near the station and crews utilized calming reassurance, and our Hurst Jaws to safely extricate the descendant of the famed Sonic of video game lore. He was reunited with his owners none the worse for wear.

Theory On How It Got Stuck

There's no word on how it got stuck, to begin with, but the most likely cause was Doctor Eggman snuck up on the poor fellah while he was resting and tried locking him away within the depths of the stones, out of sight where tails couldn't rescue him.

Lucky for this little dude, Portage Fire Department had the jaws of life to restore some of the coins he dropped after getting stuck.

Again, it's a theory, but the most likely one if you're asking me, a 90s kid who spent way too many hours playing Sega Genesis growing up.

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