There are stories that have surfaced that you can read (only if you have a paid subscription) that paint John Pulcipher as a man who has fallen on hard times with the development of the area around his family's 150-year-old cherry orchard in Williamsburg, near Traverse City. Recently, John uprooted all the farm's cherry trees and plans to sell the land, citing falling prices and traffic as a major issue.

But others in the community are heavily criticizing Pulcipher, saying he is selling off the land for a quick profit, which the community fears could lead to businesses being developed on the land, leading to more traffic and the passing of a landmark. While spending time with Freep, John defended his actions:

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I didn’t want to watch their slow death after raising them all. So I’m just pulling them and moving on. I’m a country guy. But I’m in an urban area, trying to farm. This is not a country anymore.

They Ain't Letting Him Slide

Although John stands by his choice, many in the community have been very vocal about his decision and have held nothing back, like one comment on Reddit:

His ancestors - his parents whose obituaries are online - are barrel-rolling in their graves. He's a sell-out, pure and simple. That he's chosen this path of utter obliteration tells you everything you need to know about his intentions - he's a sellout who cares more about money that he only has a few more years to spend than he does about a legacy derived from blood, sweat, and tears across 150 years.

While others are concerned he's going to sell to a developer and build on top of the area's history:

Oh hey, don't worry I'm sure some big shot in town with lots of money is going to come in, clear-cut it all, and put townhouses Condominiums, and maybe even a strip mall in somewhere.

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