When it comes to dining out, sometimes you just want a nice, quiet meal. Maybe you're hoping to set the mood and make the dinner more romantic. Maybe, you've just had a long day and want to dine out in peace. Whatever the case, there are a few spots in the Kalamazoo area that can provide just that.

On Reddit, u/HumanPerson2222 asked,

I am looking specifically for recommendations of restaurants and bars that have the ability for diners to have a little privacy. I suppose what I really mean is tables that aren't smooshed together, an atmosphere that isn't too loud -- the feeling that you are having a more intimate experience with those at your table. Does not have to be fancy. Can be in Portage or other nearby areas as well. Thanks!

Reading that question, I assumed there would be, maybe, a few answers. But, as always, Kalamazoo area locals rose to the challenge. Here are at least 5 Kalamazoo area eateries that provide a quieter atmosphere:

1. Zooroona Mediterranean Grill 

According to their Facebook page, Zooroona means "come visit us" in Arabic. The business was started by two brothers who moved to Kalamazoo nearly 30 years ago. Serving up Middle Eastern dishes, it came recommended by u/littlepip38042 who wrote,

Zooroona has little corners with couches and curtains for private eating. Just ask to sit there! That's actually what the space is made for--more privacy.

You can see their menu, hours, and location on their website.

2. Martell's 

This quiet dining recommendation comes from u/portagedude. Their patio does look relatively spaced out. And, while not specifically mentioned on their website, their menu seems to indicate that they offer Italian-style dishes. You can see the full menu here.

3. Wine Loft 

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Wine Loft has just recently reopened and was recommended by u/cbsteven who said,

Wine Loft has some intimate seating areas although they are still closed. I think they are trying to re-open by the end of the year.

Well, Steven, if you read this you should be pleasantly surprised. On Facebook, Wine Loft was recently tagged in a post by someone attending their soft-opening. As far as being completely open to the public, it would still be a good practice to call ahead and make sure they're open before venturing out. Find all of their information on their Facebook page.

4. Webster's Prime

Recommended by u/factory81, Webster's Prime is located on the 2nd floor of the Raddison Plaza Hotel in downtown Kalamazoo. Browsing through their Instagram, it does appear that they offer a more intimate setting. Their menu consists of things like steak, lobster ravioli, seared scallops, and more. Find more information on their website.

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5. Fieldstone Grill 

Fieldstone Grill, located in Portage, comes recommended by u/Irritable_Avenger who simply said,

Fieldstone is pretty well spaced out.

Fieldstone offers separate lunch and dinner menus and, on their Facebook page, describes their setting as a "lodge-retreat atmosphere in the heart of Portage." They also offer daily specials which you can find on their website.

Hopefully, that'll be a good start to help you find the intimate or quiet dining setting you're looking for. However, there were even more recommendations on the original Reddit thread which you can find here.

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