I saw a question pop up on my timeline on Facebook that made me laugh, and it wasn't because it was hilarious. It just kind of makes me feel as a member of the media, now more than ever, you need to know that I'm on your side. A local Detroit news station recently listed the record high gas prices on their Facebook and asked the question, "How are these gas prices impacting your daily routine?" How are affecting us? IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

We have a responsibility to give back to you, our listening & reading audience to let you know about what is happening near us. We also enjoy engaging with you to get your thoughts on certain topics. But when it comes to things like a record high gas price of $5.17 average across the state, with higher prices already seen throughout and near Kalamazoo, we're just as affected by this as you. We live in this community and experience the same struggles.

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Every trip now comes with the conscious decision of importance, whether or not it's worth the price in gas. Burning through $53 in gas a week is insane. I feel bad for those who have anything higher than 10 gallon tanks. But at a time where we are struggling we also have a responsibility to reassure you we deal with the same issues.

As a member of the media, I feel the more we disconnect ourselves with our audience and make them feel like we are different or separate from them, the more they'll be pushed away. I get what they were trying to do, but I serve the people because I'm one of them. So to answer the question:

Our daily routine is now riddled with awful roads, construction, non-livable wages, highest rent prices ever and now, the highest gas prices we've ever seen in the state. So it sucks, a lot.

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