The NHL preseason is not even a few games in and already there has been some punches thrown in a game.  This preseason fight involved Max Domi now with the Montreal Canadiens.

This fight happened in a recent preseason game between the Habs and the Panthers.   Max Domi, son of long time NHL fighter Tie Domi, tried to start a fight with Aaron Ekblad of the Panthers.

Ekblad wanted nothing to do with Domi who kept messing with him and eventually he sucker punched Ekblad.  Blood was drawn and you can tell that Ekblad was not happy.

I get that these guys want to go full on early but hello it is preseason.  The last thing you want to do is take out a player or worse injure yourself.    If you are trying to make the team I can see why you would try to mix it up.   In most cases not a good idea to hurt a guy this early.

We will see if he ends up sitting for a few games.    One thing i hope to see this upcoming season is a fight or two with him and former Bronco and current Red Wings brawler Luke Witkowski.

The Red Wings play Montreal for the first time this season on October 15th.

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