Back in the Spring items starting being sold and auctioned off from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.   If you missed out there are still seats and various items from the arena up for sale.

The Joe Louis Arena has sat vacant since last year and items from the old arena are still out there for those that want a piece of the old arena.

The website, The Joe Seats still have a decent amount of the old seats available for purchase.   These include the arena seats as well as seats from the suites around the arena.

There is also a list of items for auction from the arena.   These items include signs, contents from suites, rails from the outside entrances and even the trough style urinals can be yours.

Phase 2 of the auction is going on until October 23rd.  If you want to check out the items that are still available and for more information on the sale and auction you can check out The Joe Seats dot com.

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