This year the Kalamazoo State Theatre turns 90.  Once again we look back at another classic show from the past.  This time we look back to 1996 when The Ramones brought their final tour to Kalamazoo.

According to setlist fm, The Ramones final tour for their album, "Adios Amigos!" was in Kalamazoo at the State Theatre on April 20th, 1996.

This tour was the final tour that the band did before they played their final show that summer.

The lineup was Joey, Johnny, Marky and C.J. Ramone.

The setlist for the tour was very similiar through out.  Featured many of their classics plus a few covers.  One of those was the cover of the song, "R.A.M.O.N.E.S"  from Motorhead.  The song usually featured C.J. on vocals when played live. The Ramones also played a great version of Dave Clark Five's, "Any Way You Want It".

This would of been a tour that I would of loved to have seen but unfortunately never made it.

There are no clips of the show in Kalamazoo that I could find.   I did find a filmed show from Argentina that was the month before the show in Kalamazoo. They also filmed and recorded their final show.  That live album was release the following year called, "We're Outta Here!".

Where you at this show?  Any Memories?



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