Much as life has changed, one thing hasn't for teenagers and young people in general, and that's the need for spending money, and a summer job can go a long way to helping with that need for spending money.

They're not all glamorous jobs like lifeguard, but they do pay. The City of Kalamazoo says they have "seasonal positions" to fill in the Parks & Recreation and Public Services Departments. The jobs range from working in forestry, water distribution, and streets, but also traditional job like cashiers, equipment operators, recreation program leaders, and, of course, lifeguards.

One selling point about these jobs is flexible hours. The city's announcement also implies that they pay competitive wages. You may not get rich, but you'll make something to get you by. Along with that, with some of the jobs, you can work outside, and for the most part, they're all temporary, so you can get back to your life at the end of summer.

“We are always recruiting dependable and passionate people that want to make our community a better place,” said Angela Daniels, Talent Acquisition Specialist for the City of Kalamazoo. “During the spring and summer months when construction and City programs are in full swing, seasonal staff are an essential part of our team.”

The city has an employment webpage set up. Just click here and it'll take you there.

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With the difficulty that most employers are having right now finding competent workers who'll show up for work, this just might just be the perfect opportunity.

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