So, we've had a taste of warmer weather. While that indicates good weather is ahead it also means the other season of Michigan's year - road construction.

The annual release from the Road Commission of Kalamazoo (RCKC) came late last week and it going to be another year of road construction. All the construction projects will cost some $12 million "in improvements on 50 miles the primary road network in 2021", according to RCKC. $12 Million seems like a large amount of money, but not having any context, it's hard to say if that's a lot.

Some of the largest projects on the list (over $500,000 in estimated cost each) on the list include:

  • R Avenue from 36th Street to E. County Line
  • G Avenue from Riverview Drive to 24thStreet
  • Nichols Road from W. Main Street to Ravine Road
  • Solon Street from the City of Kalamazoo limits to W. Main Street
  • S. Sprinkle Road from Milham Road to N Avenue
  • U Avenue from Oakland Drive to Portage Road

This is in addition to the previously announced roundabout being built on Gull Road at G Ave.

The release goes on to say the projects includes a variety of infrastructure upgrades and repairs including shoulder widening, ditching, chip sealing/fog sealing, crack fill, hot mix asphalt paving, and more.

Managing Director Joanna I. Johnson sounds like one of the Mars Rover scientists, all excited about the work ahead for the agency this summer. “We are excited to deliver a variety of projects and continuing our investment in our valuable infrastructure. As you look around our County this construction season, remember those are orange barrels of progress and safety first for our essential infrastructure workers!”

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