If you live in Richland and work in Kalamazoo, or vice versa, and you push your luck on being on time, then this news is probably not going to make you happy. The Michigan Department of Transportation, whose love affair with roundabouts is still raging, is putting in a new roundabout at G Avenue and Gull Road.

(MichiganDOT via YouTube)

If you watch the video, you may end up being more confused than when you started. But here is the bottom line: Construction work starts on March 22nd and goes into August. Just know that G Ave and Gull Road will be a roundabout, and 27th and 28th Streets intersecting with Gull Road, those intersections will be rebuilt under the guise of added safety.

M-DOT says the $4.1 million project will be built in two stages, "starting with realigning the M-343/28th Street intersection to improve safety for motorists by improving sight lines for approaching traffic. The intersection also will have a dedicated left-turn lane on M-343 at 28th Street." (28th Street traffic will be detoured on G Avenue, Sprinkle Road, DE Avenue, 26th Street, and D Avenue.) This work shouldn't inconvenience you too much as both lanes of Gull Road will be open.

Getting from Point A to Point B gets tougher on May 8th, when the actual roundabout intersecting G Ave and Gull Road will being to be built. At the same time, the 27th Street at Gull Road intersection work begins.

The new roundabout and 27th Street intersection are expected to be open to traffic by Aug. 1. Throughout work, one lane of M-343 will remain open in each direction. There will be local detours for G Avenue and 27th Street traffic during the project. G Avenue traffic will be detoured on Sprinkle Road, East Main Street and North 33rd Street. - MDOT

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