If you're sitting here looking at your device like, "Why the hell is this guy already talking about winter, Christmas lights, and the holidays?" it's because you're going to want to make plans to hit up my hometown for the biggest light show in the state. My hometown of Rochester Hills decided to do something incredible some years back to make the most significant Christmas light show in the state, as every year millions of lights fill the downtown area over the holiday season.

This year they are telling people to mark their calendars for Lagniappe & the kick-off of The Big, Bright Light Show as they cover the buildings of downtown Rochester with over 1.5 million points of glimmering lights. The event will be held on November 15th, and lights will stay lit every night from November 21st all the way until January 15th, 2023.

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When Will They Be Lit?

In the past, the lights stay lit from 5 p.m. to Midnight, with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when the lights remain on all day and night.

What's New?

Downtown Rochester is currently accepting applications from artists for the Snowman Stroll, a new public art event taking place from November 28th until January 4th, that will bring (12) 5’ fiberglass snowmen to Main Street. The Snowman Stroll is open to all artists, whether professional or amateurs. Artists of all ages are encouraged to submit designs, as they detailed in their announcement:

We are so excited to bring a new public art project to Downtown Rochester this holiday season! Remember The Ewe Revue? Well, it's similar, but this time we are bringing 5' Snowmen!!!

Michigan's Most Dazzling Christmas Light Show

With over 1 Million points of light, this is Michigan's biggest and brightest light show.


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