Okay, I'll say it. These words are right up there with "pitchers and catchers report..." The words I'm talking about are "The Root Beer Stand is Open."

We're a little late to the celebration, as The Root Beer Stand opened up last week (and medals for the hardworking staff who shivered through that).  But as I'm typing this, the sun is out and the temperature is within spitting distance of 50 (it's 46 degrees).

Now, my convertible is under about a half foot of snow, but so that's out of the question for now, but the other car is fine and a trip to The Root Beer Stand might be in order.

Aw, now I'm getting vision in my mind's eye of a root beer float. I never liked root beer until I got to Kalamazoo. But The Root Beer Stand's root beer is different. I don't know if it's a little more vanilla or what, but we'll buy a gallon in the summer and take it home.

And, of course, a couple of hot dogs. With chili. With onions. No, don't hold back on the onions.

And here's something for the bucket list of 2021. I've never had the "hot fluffed ham". Don't even know what it might be. But life is short, so sometime this summer, we're going to try it.

Just a small taste of normalcy, but one huge step for mankind. Hahaha.

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