Traverse City has a unique, romantic experience for those who love wine and the water: a winery tour followed by a sunset sailing trip on the bay.

"Port" has two meanings on this adventure. One is a dark red dessert wine, the other means "left" if you are on a boat. Wine and waves come together on this unique package trip of a sunset sail after a winery tour. If you get seasick, this is not the booze cruise for you. If you'd love to enjoy a merlot while watching the wind fill the mainsail, or drink a nice white while watching the waves, read on.

Traverse City Tours has put together a memorable wine and water afternoon excursion. First, a four hour wine tour on Leelanau Peninsula, then a 2 1/2 hour sunset sail aboard the sailing yacht Scout. Guests range in number from 2-6 and the price range is $570-$620. (Plus gratuity for the captain, so you don't en up in Davy Jones' locker.)

If you're the kind of person who wants chart your own course and be your own admiral, there is a new service called Get My Boat that is just like Enterprise Rent a Car or Airbnb for boats.

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