A unique way to travel around downtown Battle Creek has returned for 2022.

A fleet of nearly 100 electric scooters are being placed in various spots in the downtown area. They are known as “bird scooters” and aim to help people get around a little faster and easier without having to use their vehicles. This is especially convenient this year with recent high gas prices.

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The program was introduced last year in Battle Creek after the City Commission approved an ordinance for them. According to data, users in Battle Creek traveled over 10,500 miles on these scooters in 2021.

"Overall, we were happy with a pretty successful year one, and look forward to neighbors using the scooters this year." - Jessica VanderKolk - Battle Creek Communications Manager speaking with the Battle Creek Enquirer 

They also seem to have a good record on safety as only one accident involving the electric scooters was reported, according to the Battle Creek Police Department.

Here is what you need to do to use the scooters:

  • Download the "Bird" app and create an accoun
  • Use the app to locate a scooter in Battle Creek
  • Use it for a ride and then leave it at another location for another rider (they can go up to 25 miles on fully-charged battery power)
  • Keep in mind that geofencing is tracked to keep riders within designated riding areas.
  • It costs $1 to start a ride and $0.39 per-minute after that plus tax
  • A $3 deposit may be charged at the start of the ride, and payment can be made with a debit or credit card or by using PayPal.

Here is where and how you are allowed to use the scooters:

  • They can be used on city streets, bike lanes & paths, and downtown sidewalks
  • Riders must follow standard road rules
  • Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet while using them

For more information about the scooters, you can visit: bird.co

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